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Friday 7th November 2003, 7:00pm to Midnight
An evening of timely delights:


  • GOOD INTENTIONS by Anna Lane
    2003, United Kingdom, 3 Minutes.
    Starring Richard Bright, Richard De-St-Jorre, Anna Lane & Rebecca Sykes.
    Good intentions gone wrong.
    The first public screening of a very short film from a group of young filmmakers which takes a sideways look at everyday life, and how the best of intentions can quickly turn to tragedy.

  • FORKLIFT DRIVER KLAUS by Jörg Wagner & Stefan Prehn
    2001, Germany, 10 minutes.
    Starring Konstantin Graudus, Douglas Welbat, Juergen Kossel, Dieter Dost & Till Huster.
    First day on the new job.
    Klaus has just passed his driving test and taken up his dream job driving forklifts, but his first day at work turns into a string of nightmarish accidents. A delightful homage to industrial education films. In German with English subtitles.

  • OVERTIME by Lost Cat Tales
    2003, United Kingdom, 10 minutes.
    Starring Billy Clerkin, Paul Neesham, Dan Salmon & David Harrison.
    She has the face of a doll, but nothing lasts forever.
    The clock ticking ever forward, or is it backward? Ticking and tricking. The memory of a tinkling piano. A key to another time, another place, unlocking dark secrets hidden amongst endless files crammed in the mind. The premiere of a new film from Lost Cat Tales.


  • BLITHE SPIRIT by David Lean
    From the acerbic stageplay by Noël Coward
    1945, United Kingdom, 96 minutes.
    Starring Rex Harrison, Margaret Rutherford, Constance Cummings & Kay Hammond.
    He has one wife too many!
    A witty supernatural comedy with Rex Harrison playing novelist Charles Condomine, a newlywed enjoying life with his second wife Ruth. While researching a new book, he calls on batty psychic medium Madam Arcati, played by the unforgettable Margaret Rutherford, to perform a séance. Things take an unexpected turn when the ghost of his first wife Elvira, deliciously portrayed by Kay Hammond, is accidentally summoned from beyond and proceeds to wreak havoc. An early film from the director of such British classics as Brief Encounter, Oliver Twist, Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago.
      "Quality British movie-making."
                  —The Guardian
      "A celestial sex romp that hasn't
       lost its bite."
      "A classic bit of British fantasy."
                  —Classic British Pictures
      "This is a masterpiece of comic genius!"
                  —SciFind Reviews
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