Our cinema club sprang from sitting around watching movies together on video and wanting to encourage an armchair atmosphere in which to watch them projected onto the big screen. The aim is to showcase independent short films alongside a cult/classic/vintage feature-length film — basically anything which is of artistic interest to us.

The programme starts with a selection of narrative or character driven shorts that sit comfortably alongside the main feature — films such as A Taste of Honey, Black Narcissus, Odd Man Out, The Tenant, The Pumpkin Eater, Poor Cow and others. We end each evening with a section of visual works which are viewed with music while the audience has a chance to drink and chat about the films with each other and the filmmakers.

We aim to put together a programme once each month, but this is dependent upon the availability of the venue and so sometimes is less frequent. We post out a flyer 2 week’s before each show with details of the coming attractions.


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Ding Dong Our Club Is Dead!!

The Pass Me the Eye Cinema Club is no more. This website is just here as a reminder of times gone by.