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The Pass Me the Eye Cinema Club is a not-for-profit organisation devoted to bringing short films and classic cinema features to a wider audience. All events are open to members and their guests.

If you wish to become a member then simply come along to any of our programme nights and your entry fee will entitle you to full membership

If you wish to be added to our mailing list then email us with your:

  • name
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It would also be great if you could let us know how you found out about us.

Ding Dong Our Club Is Dead!!

Please note that our Cinema Club membership is now closed. All old membership records have been deleted.

Please don't contact us there's nobody home.


We believe privacy is paramount and work to respect yours. Read our privacy policy to find out what you're signing up for go>>


If you'd like more info about our mailing list, privacy policy or membership email us>>

Ding Dong Our Club Is Dead!!

The Pass Me the Eye Cinema Club is no more. This website is just here as a reminder of times gone by.