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Friday 27th June 2003, 7:00pm to Midnight
An evening of fate and foul play:


  • BARA PRATA LITE (TALK) by Lukas Moodysson
    1997, Sweden, 14 minutes.
    Starring Sten Ljunggren & Cecilia Frode.
    A Swedish tale of middle-aged despair.
    Old, retired Birger hasn't had a visitor for eight years. Suddenly the doorbell rings and a young Hare Krishna girl appears. All she wants is to talk about her religion and all Birger wants is to, just plain talk, but his need for human contact proves to be overwhelming. A moving and often funny exploration of the human condition from the director of European hits 'Together' and 'Fucking Åmhål'. In Swedish with English subtitles.

  • FATE & FORTUNE by Keith Jefferies
    2002, United Kingdom 15 minutes.
    Starring Denise Mack, Jack Wood & Nick Ewans.
    Fate runs the corner shop. Fortune is part of a religious cult.
    A black comedy of destructive coincidences focusing on repressed housewife Marge Tucker. Silver-haired Fate works a spell sending Marge into an unhealthy obsession with her new car in a unique tale which combines darkly joyful French storytelling with whimsical British humour. It's a dynamic exploration of the nature of coincidence and the futility of greed. Well worth a watch.

  • ANTHRAKITIS by Sara Sugarman
    1998, United Kingdom, 16 minutes.
    Starring Liz Smith & Wendy Phillips.
    BAFTA nominated for Best Short Film.
    Dolly, an elderly widow, has built up a hoard of excellent anthracite coal since the deaths of her husband and son years ago in mining accidents. Now the whole village wants a bit of her coal mountain. What follows is an idiosyncratic portrait of an elderly Welsh eccentric living in a world of her own amidst ramshackle decay. Wonderfully shot and brilliantly acted.


  • THEATRE OF BLOOD by Douglas Hickox
    1973, United Kingdom, 104 minutes.
    Starring Vincent Price, Diana Rigg, Ian Hendry, Robert Morley & Diana Dors.
    It's curtains for his critics!
    Vincent Price delivers a thrilling tour-de- force performance as Edward Lionheart, a hammy Shakespearean actor taking poetic revenge on the unflattering critics who've denied him the recognition he feels is his due. He exacts his grizzly and very amusing revenge with executions inspired by the Bard — a beheading based on 'Cymbeline', a stabbing inspired by 'Julius Ceasar', and the removal of a pound of flesh from 'The Merchant of Venice'.
    With a top notch cast of British actors, including Diana Rigg as his prettily psychotic daughter and Robert Morley as a camp, poodle-obsessed critic, this dramatically delicious concoction is an equal mixture of horror and comedy. The stylish 70s look, great direction and exquisite blend of humour and gruesome horror make this a cult classic.  
      "Deliciously absurd results."
                  —Time Out
      "Jolly good horror."
                  —Creature Features
      "Wickedly funny horror."
      "Gruesome and funny. Price has a field day!"
                  —Splatter Magazine
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